Revealing The Patek Philippe 6002 Xingyue Tourbillon Watch

Patek Philippe’s 5002 watch has been a sacred and inviolable gesture for many years and has become the star of all watches. The halo surrounds the value of the watch itself to nearly astronomical figures. Considered godlike, it has become the ultimate luxury that many people can only touch in dreams.

 Of course, Patek Philippe is not just willing to stay at this level, so on the evening of May 29th, it held the ‘Precious Handicraft Show’ at its Geneva salon for the first time to debut the new generation of Patek Philippe’s watch king-6002 Star Moon Tourbillon Watch.

 When you really set foot on the land of Geneva, you will have a special feeling in your heart, which seems to be an indication of how incredible the upcoming things will be.

 It is on the top floor of this building that what will be revealed to everyone is the new watch king made by Patek Philippe, the world’s king of watches and clocks-6002

 This is not so much a time to witness miracles, it is more like a gathering between family members, and everyone gathers far away to witness the birth of a ‘child’.

 It is this unremitting efforts of such a pair of father and son that have brought us this much-anticipated moment today.

 Of course, 6002 is not only a collection of powerful technologies, but also a perfect embodiment of art and technology. It has no doubt on display of handicraft works such as enamel, gold carving, wood chip inlaid.

 Of course, the most exciting thing is when I see the true watch, it feels like a devout worshiper, and 6002 is the winning faith I am pursuing.

 The main changes of Ref.6002 are two points. One is to use the carved case, and the other is the blue perpetual calendar dial. This watch is hailed by Patek Philippe as a ‘carving on the wrist’. The entire case is hand-carved from a piece of artificial white gold and decorated with a moving Arabic pattern. A small mistake will ruin the entire case. It took more than 100 hours of labor on this carving to meet the expectations of Patek Philippe’s president Thierry Stern. In addition, the dial uses the advanced technology of filigree enamel and infill enamel, decorated with a corolla decoration, bright and moving.

 Also present with the watch is this pair of cufflinks!

 It is impossible for Patek Philippe to write its own legend. Of course, I believe that as the king of watches, it will certainly live up to expectations in the future and bring us more incredible.