Ruya’s Luxury Iwc Portugal Iw500114 Brief Comment

The excellence of the Portuguese watch is not only its design, but also its high-quality movement and practical functions. This Portuguese 7-day watch and ‘Wrist Watches Only for Men!’ The IWC500 IW500107 watch series is the same movement, but the dial design uses a younger and more fashionable blue pointer, and today this model uses a more mature and luxurious gold pointer. Next we See a brief review of this IWC500114 watch.

A brief review of the IWC Portugal series IW500114 watch movement:
 The movement of this watch also comes from IWC’s proud large-scale 50,000 movement. This series of movements are equipped with unprecedented excellence in automatic movements, including the very famous Pellaton winding system, Breguet springs Balance wheel, etc. to ensure its accuracy. Of course, another advantage of this movement is that it has a large space and a large dial to facilitate the time at any time.
A brief review of the appearance of the IWC Portugal series IW500114 watch:
 One is the young and stylish IW500107, and the other is the mature and luxurious IW500114. Both watches use the same style but with a slight difference in the color of the hands, the same 42.3 mm diameter, the same date display, power reserve display, and small second hand display. If I have to say that one is not good, I can only say that the blue pointer IW500107 is more suitable for young people, and the gold pointer IW500114 is more suitable for older people.
Picture appreciation of IWC Portugal series IW500114 watch:

 I think this picture is enough to illustrate the dominance of IWC 50,000 movements. The oversized dial looks really cool. The larger dial space does not add some tedious designs, but this simple design is more practical and beautiful, and has also won the favor of watch fans.

 The entire front of the dial is shown with a logo of IWC at 12 o’clock, a power reserve display at 3 o’clock, a date display at 6 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock.

 The mirror is made of double-sided anti-reflection convex sapphire glass, but it looks like I haven’t wiped it. There are a few marks on the small seconds dial.

 The intimate small dial design with a power reserve that turns red in less than two days is not only practical but also adds a touch of color to the dial design.

 When I was shooting, this watch was about to face a situation of insufficient power and shutdown, but the 7-day chain claimed by IWC was able to walk for 8 days after being fully chained, but it was easy to leave on the last day.

The case thickness of 13.9 mm is considered thick in a watch. In addition, the black crocodile skin is also very thick and solid.

Another obvious feature of the Portuguese 7th chain is the use of a transparent back.

The black alligator strap with a very good texture and texture will look a bit stiff when it is just worn.

The folding buckle is smooth and smooth.

 The huge movement must have a strong body to support it. Take a look at this nearly 14 mm thick movement from the side. Although it is a bit thick, some netizens still like it. Of course, some netizens like thick watches. Case watch.

The outer ring of the case is engraved with a number and a groove for disassembly.

 Because the bottom of this watch was not particularly thorough at the time of shooting, it could not show the beauty of this movement. The balance of the beryllium bronze alloy, the whole movement is inlaid with 42 gems, which not only gives you Everything you crave also provides precise timing and durability.
In summary: The current price of this watch in China is as fast as 100,000 yuan, and it has repeatedly increased in the wave of collective watch price rises last year, which shows how much it is so attractive. The 44mm large watch diameter is equipped with a simple design style, a practical 7-day chain power reserve and a date display function, and a black crocodile leather strap all form an elegant and simple and luxurious style. Editors recommend it to be worn by elite men over 35 years old .
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Acknowledgement: Siku provides product shooting