Star’ Moment Classic Freeze Of Montblanc Star Watches

Classical elements interpret the timeless beauty, and the hexagonal white star shows the pure work. The Montblanc Star Collection watches adhere to the persistent pursuit of the fine watchmaking tradition and the unremitting exploration of modern aesthetics. It has always been unique in the endless world of watches and has become the taste of elegant gentlemen. 2017 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the advent of star watches, and many international celebrities wear Montblanc star watches to make frequent appearances at major events, paying tribute to timeless classics with bright moments.
   The famous Dutch film director and playwright Paul Verhoeven, as a master figure in Hollywood, was elected chairman of the jury of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. On the same day, Fan Huowen was wearing a Montblanc star classic series calendar watch and attended the show, raising his hands to show his extraordinary style. Her latest film, ‘She,’ lived up to expectations and won the 42nd French Film Caesars Award for Best Picture. Montblanc Star Classic Automatic Winding Watch and Fan Huowen celebrate this honorable moment, remembering its amazing talent and inexhaustible talent.

Paul van Hoven wearing Montblanc Star Classic Calendar at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival
Montblanc Star Classic Calendar Watch

Paul Van Hoven at Montblanc Star Classic Series Automatic Winding Watch at the 42nd French Film Caesars Awards Ceremony

Montblanc Star Classic Automatic
   The well-known American director Barry Jenkins’ self-directed movie ‘Moonlight Boy’ received high praise once it was released and became the 89th Oscar dark horse. It won the best film and the best adapted screenplay in one fell swoop. Heavyweight awards. Known as a ‘new generation of pioneer directors’, Jenkins has repeatedly won awards in major awards. Montblanc Star Collection watches are favored by Jenkins for their classic and timeless design style. Whether attending the Academy Awards or a Met Ball party, Jenkins enjoys Montblanc Star Collection automatic winding watches with black dresses, enjoying ‘star’ moments.

Barry Jenkins at the 89th Academy Awards wearing Montblanc Star Classic Automatic

Barry Jenkins unveiled Montblanc Star Classic self-winding watch at 2017 Met Ball
Montblanc Star Classic Automatic
   The famous American actor Chris Evans has become a household name for Hollywood stars with many superhero hits, and his sunny image of a gentleman is becoming more and more popular. At the 89th Academy Awards, Evans wore a Montblanc star classic automatic winding watch and stepped onto the red carpet. The bright blue dress and the exquisite details on his wrists added a new gentleman charm.

Chris Evans wears Montblanc Star Classic automatic winding watch at the 89th Academy Awards
Montblanc Star Classic Automatic
   Ben Affleck, a well-known American actor, director and producer with multiple identities, appeared as the guest of honor at the 89th Academy Awards. In the dazzling spotlight, Affleck wore a special edition of the Montblanc star Roman series small seconds watch ‘Carpe Diem’. This exquisite star series watch contains Montblanc classic design elements, ‘Carpe Diem’ means ‘grasp the moment and live in the moment’, accompanied Affleck to share this moment of starlight.

Ben Affleck debuts at the 89th Academy Awards wearing a Montblanc star Roman collection
Montblanc Star Roman Small Seconds ‘Carpe Diem’ Special Edition

   Chris Pine, a well-known American actor, has gained fame for his success in shaping the ‘Corner Captain Kirk’ role in the ‘Star Trek’ series of movies, and his recent brilliant performance in ‘Wonder Woman’ is even more impressive. It became a shining star. On the day of the premiere of ‘Star Trek 3: Beyond the Stars’, Pine made a dazzling appearance wearing a Montblanc Star Classic self-winding watch. The classic two-tone case on the wrist and the chic brown crocodile leather strap are a good match for an elegant white suit. The perfect finishing touch adds star charm.

Chris Pine at the premiere of ‘Star Trek 3: Beyond the Stars’ wearing a Montblanc Star Classic self-winding watch
Montblanc Star Classic Automatic
   Well-known Hollywood actor Dave Franco plays the role of the youngest ‘Magic Jack’ in ‘The Four Knights of the Apocalypse’ in the series of ‘The Shocking Magic’ series. The superb acting skills infuse the character with infinite vitality. At the world premiere of ‘The Shocking Thieves 2’ held in New York, Franco debuted with a Montblanc Star Classic automatic winding watch with a tailored dark suit. The slim and simple wrist embellishments and dark printed suits complement each other, revealing the taste of elegance, and revealing youthful vigor.

Dave Franco wears Montblanc Star Classic series self-winding watch at the New York premiere of ‘The Shocking Thieves 2’
Montblanc Star Classic Automatic
   The Montblanc Star Collection watches inherit the tradition of fine watchmaking with a long-standing ‘core’ and interpret modern design trends in a simple form. Time flies, but classics are eternal.