Stephen Yasselis Wins The 14th Glashütte Original Music Festival Award

The famous British cellist Steven Isserlis was awarded the 14th ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’. On Tuesday evening, Ysalis performed with the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra at the Kulturpalast Cultural Center, and the concert was packed. Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meier also presented the soloist with the highest honor in front of 1,800 listeners. Yselis has always supported the cultivation of talented young musicians, so he won this honor. The trophy presented at the conference is meaningful. It is hand-made by two watchmaking apprentices, which also includes 25,000 euros. Bonus.

   On the evening of May 23rd, at the newly renovated Dresden Cultural Center’s final sale concert, the well-known British cellist Iselis won the ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’. Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meyer presented the trophy to the outstanding musician in person, along with festival director Jan Vogler, the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and 1,800 audience. The Glashütte Original Music Festival Award, sponsored by Glashütte Original Watchmaking, and the Dresden Music Festival enter its 14th year, providing a prize of 25,000 euros each year to the winners.

Steven Isserlis won the 14th ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’, pictured here is the trophy.
   ‘I am very happy to receive the 2017 Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. I am extremely honored and happy to receive this award and receive a trophy from the very important cellist Vogler. Music education has always been I am very concerned about the subject, and I am fortunate to be able to work with many great teachers, including Jane Cowan, a childhood enlightenment teacher, Sándor Végh, a violin master from Hungary, and working together in recent years The other two master figures from György Kurtág and Ferenc Rados from Hungary. My responsibility is to pass on the inspiration and value I have gained from these masters to the younger generations. Home. Another important point of my career is to bring music to children. No matter what kind of child’s background, life can bring about completely different changes because of music. Music not only provides personal achievements, but also can bring groups to difficult situations. Great help. We are seeing the concrete results of many young musicians around the world, such as the Venezuelan Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra Blacks in South Africa to help young people Buskaid Ensemble as well as many other similar institutions.

Steven Isserlis (Copyright Satoshi Aoyagi)
   Friends who make friends with music will maintain a lifetime of friendship. Group play teaches us the importance of mutual respect and learns to listen to others. Sharing a goal about music as a child is also a strong bond. Regardless of whether they are adults or children, turning to music for solace in lonely or sad times, music will not disappoint them. There is a saying that children who love to sing are usually happy children, and I think that’s right. As long as we can bring more wonderful music to the lives of children around the world, their lives will be better. Said Iselis.
   Ysalis brought a wonderful performance tonight’s concert, and performed the Russian ‘Revolutionary Festival’ track with the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and conductor Vladimir Jurowski. The audience also heard Mikhail Glinka’s overture ‘Recollection of a Summer Night in Madrid’, Sergei Prokofiev’s ‘Cello Concerto E Minor, Op. 58’ and Symphony No. 15 in A Major, Op. 141 by Dmitri Shostakovich.

The 14th ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’ trophy by Steven Isserlis is an ‘Alfred Helwig’ created by two Glashütte originals Student making at watch school.
Acting young musicians
   Ysalis has a world-renowned reputation, not only for his outstanding performance as a soloist, but also for his selfless and creative dedication in the field of music education. Therefore, the ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Awards’ also recognizes and awards special awards. give him. The international artists who have won awards over the years are not only because of their outstanding talents, but also because of their dedication to supporting emerging artists. Not only does Yaselis create music for children and regularly perform concerts for children, he is also an enthusiastic and well-known instructor in master classes around the world.
   Therefore, he was particularly pleased when he learned that the ‘his’ trophy was made by two students of the ‘Alfred Helwig’ watchmaking school originally created by Glashütte. Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meyer said, ‘As a traditional watchmaker, we have learned from our past experience how important it is to pass on precious knowledge to carefully selected young talents. A person has to own It is with agility, superb craftsmanship and authentic, original attitude that we can work with young people. We are honored to present the award with the Dresden Music Festival every year to the same day-to-day as our watchmakers. Attitude musician. ‘

Students at Alfred Helwig watchmaking school make trophies
   In addition to Iselis, winners include Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic, pianist Hélène Grimaud, and violinist Hilary Han ( Hilary Hahn), Portuguese French folk singer Mariza (Mariza) and conductor Andris Nelsons (Andris Nelsons) and other famous musicians. Glashütte Original has collaborated with the well-known Dresden Music Festival since 2004. This year’s theme is ‘Light’. The 40th Dresden Music Festival runs from now until the end of June 18th, with different musicians performing at various venues. This year’s festival will be particularly exciting and memorable due to the special performance of the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with cellist Solomon Iselis.