Swatch And Artist Damien Hirst Celebrate The 90th Anniversary Of Mickey’s Birth

The world-renowned Mickey has connected generations and always conveys joy, optimism and hope to the world. Mickey, who is always young, has celebrated his 90th anniversary this year. To this end, Swatch has launched two special artist-designed watches designed by artist Damien Hirst to pay tribute to Mickey.

Biswatch’s two numbered limited edition special edition watches for artists are from the hands of the British artist. Among them, SPOT MICKEY will be launched on’s official website on the 18th of November on the 90th anniversary of Mickey. It will be limited to 1,999 pieces within 24 hours. SPOT MICKEY presents the popular Mickey image on the dial, and its strap is decorated with Mickey’s iconic color.

MIRROR SPOT MICKEY is limited to 19,999 pieces. The pattern consisting of polka dots is vivid and interesting. Mickey, a superb and superstar, is also vividly presented on the strap and dial mirror background.

Not only that, there are even more surprises hidden on the back of these two watches: the autograph of one of the most important contemporary artists, and wish the true classic idol born in 1928 a happy birthday.