This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot Lore Moment Ignites The Nba 5v5 First Battle

[July 21, Guangzhou News] As the official timing partner of the NBA, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot and the NBA jointly launched the Tissot ‘Movement Moment’ challenge, which kicked off in Guangzhou. , Once again set off a passionate basketball storm. Fans present can experience the precise timing of the Tissot watch. At the same time, Alonzo Mourning, a former professional NBA basketball player and former Heat center, came to the field to help out, and presented the winning team with a beautiful wrist provided by the Tissot watch. Table as prizes. The event started in Guangzhou, will pass through Nanjing, Beijing, Chengdu, and the finals will be held in Shanghai in the late summer of early September. During this time, Tissot will bring the flagship product of the year-the NBA series special models to witness the wonderful lore moment together with you!
The moment of lore
   As the official timing partner of the NBA, Tissot has once again launched the “Tissot Lore Moment” challenge in this 5v5 event. It recruited fans online and on-site to take part in the event, bringing closer the event and the fans. In the ‘kill moment’, a total of 2 carts were placed on the free throw line and the arc top three-point line. Each cart has 5 basketballs. The players must shoot within 24 seconds. The penalty line counts 2 points. Three points on the three-point line. In addition, there is a flower ball in the center of the field. If the ball is timed out when the ball is scored (the shot ends-the time is up and the shot is hit), then the total score of the player will double. The clever design of the game system makes the results possible, and makes the game more exciting.

‘Moment of Moment’ Challenge Process
   In addition to the ‘killing moment’, Tissot has designed many interactive links at the scene. Interesting fingertip basketball has attracted the attention of basketball teenagers; the tall game that fully reflects the charm of ‘air sports’ of basketball has attracted the attention of many fans; and a panoramic camera is set in the Tissot watch booth. You can take a 360-degree panoramic image by rotating to freeze every fan’s most precious moment.

Fingertip basketball, touch-up game / 360-degree shooting and other interactive links
   The participants in this competition were recruited online through the “Tissot China” official Weibo platform “Tissot Lore Moment” Challenge. Also, as NBA fans, they can not only participate in this official tournament, but also have more opportunities Interact with former NBA professional basketball star Alonzo Monin, who will be crowned by the champion team in person, and will be presented with beautiful gifts provided by Tissot.

Tissot ‘Moment of Moment’ Challenge Scene
The tough guy set off the climax
   On the day of the event, the biggest surprise was the appearance of Alonzo Monin. The former professional NBA star who won the 2006 NBA Championship is a famous iron man in basketball history. He also appeared at the Tissot watch booth to visit exquisite watch products, and took photos with the players after the 5v5 match, and presented Tissot’s special series of Heat watches as prizes.

Alonzo Mourning in front of the Tissot stand
   For players who are both players and NBA fans, being able to participate in NBA official events is a rare experience and a dream come true. Every player is playing his best and showing his skills on the court. Along with cheers and applause, the champion team came into being and gained a lore experience on the court. Alonzo Mourning appeared as a predecessor of basketball sports, presenting awards to these athletes who are both fans and players. It is a great encouragement and a moment of pride worth remembering for life.

Mo Ning presents prizes to 5v5 Guangzhou
See the game at its peak
   As the NBA’s first official timing partner, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot has produced a special NBA series watch specially designed for this global basketball event. Presented by Alonzo Mourning is a special model of the Tissot series of the Heat team he once played for. This move not only represents Tissot’s tribute to Mo Ning, but also returns to fans who are loyal to basketball.
The Tissot NBA team models inherit the classic strap design of the Porsche series. The main colors of each team’s LOGO are selected to fit into the appearance of the watch. The team’s perfect surrounding representatives make basketball enthusiasts at a glance. In addition, the Tissot watch uses the screen printing technology to print the team’s logo on the stainless steel case back, and the details are also maximized.

Tissot Hot Series Special Edition Watch
   In addition to the Porsche series, Tissot’s special NBA team watch is another sincere tailor-made for NBA fans. This watch inherits the classic 45mm dial of the Speeder series, with dark black as the background. The six team logos are displayed under the dial. The team is tied to the needs of the wrist. The smooth black PVD coating on the case creates an ultra-modern design and at the same time guarantees clear readings, while the colorful stitched leather strap and sandblasted surface treatment provide a visually superior texture. In addition, this series of watches also have excellent waterproof performance, also to meet the daily needs of sports enthusiasts. The overall design of the watch is very dynamic without losing fashion and charm. In addition to the sporty atmosphere, the practical timing function and waterproof performance of this series add another touch of charm.

Tissot Speeding NBA Team Special Watch
   The Tissot Speeding NBA team is designed to pay tribute to the cooperation between Tissot watches and the NBA, and is a gratitude gift for fans’ love and loyalty to basketball. Tie your favorite team to your wrist, keep in mind the complex and athletic charm, is a sincere gift for Tissot watches tailored for NBA fans.

Tissot Speeding NBA Team Special Edition Watch
   The NBA 5V5 ‘Moment of Moment’ challenge is an opportunity for Tissot watches to amateur fans who love the NBA to participate in the official game. And to witness the moment of passionate lore. Next, Tissot watches will also follow the NBA 5v5, pushing the basketball boom to Nanjing, Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai.
Technical Parameters
Tissot Porsche Series NBA Heat Special RMB 3,050

Made in Switzerland
Quartz Movement
316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
Size: 42mm * 42mm

Tissot Speeding NBA Team Special RMB 2,700

Made in Switzerland
Quartz Movement
316L stainless steel case
Black PVD coating
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
Leather strap with stainless steel standard buckle
Size: 45mm * 45mm