This Moment Is Proud Of You Tony Parker Announces His Retirement Tissot Watches Engraved Its Basketball Highlights With Time

Eighteen years of the NBA journey, four NBA championship trophies, the first non-US player to receive FMVP, a global ambassador of Tissot watches with thousands of honors, an NBA superstar known as the ‘French sports car’ Tony Park announced his retirement on social networks and said goodbye to the beloved arena with a simple ‘I decided to retire’. At this moment, Tissot watches sincerely pays tribute to its many-year-old friend Tony Parker. Thank you for your dedication and courage on the court. We are always proud of you!

Tissot global spokesperson Tony Parker announces official retirement

  When the world was caught by the Raptors and the Warriors, the news of Tony Parker’s retirement was like a deep-water bomb that bombarded the hearts of the fans. The youthful light flashed like a movie. His Retirement is like a youthful farewell ceremony, which makes people reluctant but has long been prepared.

Tissot global spokesperson Tony Parker wears Tissot Tengzhi series solar NBA special watch

  Parker’s excellence is obvious to all, and Tissot watches are fortunate to witness every highlight moment he created. During his service, he won the championship four times in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014, and was elected the most valuable player in 2007, becoming the MVP of the year. But his glory and excellence are not just these medals and trophies, but also a record of his hard work and perseverance. In the regular season, he played 1151 times, averaging 15.5 points and averaging 5.6 assists per game; in the playoffs, he played 226 times, averaging 17.9 points and averaging 1 game Performed an average of 5.1 assists.
  From the San Antonio Spurs to the Charlotte Hornets, from the age of 19 to the NBA, to the 37-year-old to say goodbye to basketball, Parker left countless strokes on his basketball battlefield. Regardless of its superb skills or impressive record, Tissot watches store it in the magic box of time. No matter how time passes, memories will always be bright, and we are always proud of you!

Technical Parameters
Tissot Solar Series NBA Special Watch RMB 8,600
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement
-Antimagnetic titanium case, NBA official logo
-Touchscreen sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm