Three Men’s Super Watches Are Recommended

Every man should have three watches: one watch represents identity, one watch deals with life, and the third one is completely satisfying his selfish desire for new and old. Let’s do a psychological test first to see what you value most, and then choose your third watch. If the floor of your room is square, which one would you place in the upper right corner? (The answer is at the end of each of the three watches.) A. TV B. Wardrobe C. First leaf watch

First table Patek Philippe Column_Wheel chronograph
     Recommended reason: Platinum case integrates perpetual calendar and wheel column chronograph, set with bar diamonds, noble atmosphere, is a natural manifestation of manhood and majesty. Classic models of classic brands are the first bucket of gold that men earn when they treat themselves. First choice. (People who choose A and choose TV pay attention to time. The functionality of the watch is the first consideration of your choice. In addition to hoping that it will help you record time, I also hope it has more additional features.) The second watch Blancpain Villeret series
     Recommended reason: ultra-thin movement, classic style, black and white, subtle and low-key, simple style can be matched with any style of clothing, the material is not coquettish also makes it easy to take care of, easy to carry, and meet various needs in life . (Choose B wardrobe symbolizes material, but also represents the material that you value the most. Hope others will see your success from your wrist, or let the material meet your sports needs.) The third watch Hublot All Black series
     Recommended reason: The perfect fusion of black ceramics and rubber, with both texture and connotation, restores the unique person in the heart of men. Although the brand has not been established for a long time, it has won a lot of attention with its advanced design and creativity, and it is worth collecting for men who already have the right to choose. (Choose a leaf-seeding plant for C. It means that you value the appearance the most. At the same time you strongly demand your beauty, you also want to make the beauty of B. The wardrobe symbolizes the material and the material of the watch that you value most. I hope others will see it from your wrist Show your success, or let the material meet your sports needs. Things are full of life, belong to the personality school, are idealists.)