U-65 Pocket Watch: A Classical Interpretation Of U-boat-news Uboat

Italo Fontana, the creative master behind U-Boat, has been guiding life with inspiration. His creativity comes from paying attention to details, full of passion, focusing on innovation and perfection, and embracing the future with a positive and open mind. Italo always expresses himself freely, not restricted by rules and regulations. The history of his family album can be traced back to hundreds of years, not only photos, but also hand-drawn sketches of his predecessors.

Under the impact of the current trend, he is very nostalgic for some formal and informal clothing in history, and tried his best to imagine how to recreate some of the past characteristics, especially the era when men only had pocket watches. At that time, pocket watches were not only used for Knowing time is also a symbol of personality, dignity and trend. So he picked up his pen and designed his first U-Boat pocket watch on paper.

U-Boat new U-65 pocket watch

U-65 is a futuristic pocket watch that has successfully transformed the classics of the 16th century. It is a brand-new design that keeps pace with the times and reflects the eternal recognition of the strong U-Boat brand image.
This pocket watch is an excellent blend of functionality, fashion and design. Timeless design, 3 time zones, titanium, each component, from screws to fastening devices, has its own characteristics and uses, but it is very decorative.
99 limited editions, tasting time for fashion-conscious connoisseurs of this era.
Source: U-Boat